What do we do

We are a production house that specializes in developing technical solutions and virtual production for the film-industry. 

We are a team of technical and creative minds that work together to bring real-time technology to the forefront in digital media production.


Using state of the art motion capture suits we introduce real-time performance capture to breathe life into digital characters.


Combining digital tools such as Virtual cameras and motion capture we shoot a full virtual environment as you would shoot liveAction. 

Pre-Viz in game engines

Generating preliminary versions of your projects using real-time technologies.

Pipeline Optimisation

Creating custom solutions to tricky production pipelines.


Making 3D cinematic sequences for games or other experiences. Working with virtual set, characters, light and camera to get the scene you want.


Using game engines to experiment with replacing shots or alter visual effects.

Our Friends

The incredible people we can now call friends:

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