Talk about Virtual Production, 2 hours

Watch and listen to how the newest Virtual Production techniques are used in series like Disney’s Star Wars Mandalorian and how the spectacular scenes in e.g. Marvel’s Avengers Endgame are planned.

The common denominator is the software Epic Games Unreal Engine, which is normally used for games but is now also used to produce movies, music- and commercial videos.

An inspiring talk, directly showing how one works and utilizes Virtual Production. It’s a technique that isn’t just contracted for big Hollywood blockbusters but can also be used to make movies on a small budget, even student films.

Motion capture seminar, 1 day

An exciting one-day hands-on seminar where the attendants get familiarized with motion capture, which is a technique that records the movements of the actor and transfers them to a 3D character in the computer.

The seminar includes a talk about Virtual Production followed by a workshop. The attendants will be able to explore different roles on set, such as being an actor, director etc.

We will share experiences from the day and evaluate the produced material to close the seminar off with.

“All-inclusive” Virtual Production seminar, 5 days

An in-depth five-day “hands-on” course, where attendees become acquainted with recording the movements of an actor, as well as building scenery in Unreal Engine. Techniques also known as; Motion Capture and Virtual Sets.

Attendees will finally be taught how to synchronize the handheld camera to the computer.

Students will produce their own short films during the last days of the course, which will be presented to the rest of the class on the final day.

Game Cinematic, Five days

The course includes a lecture on Virtual Production, followed by a theoretical and practical workshop, with an introduction to worldbuilding and general storytelling.
In just one week, attendees get the chance to produce their own short animated cut-scene.

Attendees furthermore, get the opportunity to build their own set in the program Unreal
Engine where they can create everything from magnificent fantasy worlds with orcs and dragons, to classic social realism.

We share experiences from the week and the finished material at the end of the course.